Death Lessons

To my friends who are children, I say you are experiencing an unveiling. An unveiling, at a distance, of the harsher realities of existence as a biological being on earth. The mysteries we are at the mercy of … the moral judgements we must make: life, death, freedom, economics, the prices of them, the exasperatingContinue reading “Death Lessons”

Artificial Morality

“It was easier when you could tell the difference between droids and humans.” Zeek Wilburn had the vestiges of a bygone era draped like priests’ vestments over his words. “Best thing that ever happened was when the Supreme Court declared droids have equal rights.” Joshua Milia had a black or white view of the solarContinue reading “Artificial Morality”

Thankful for Not Belonging

All my life, I always got along with different groups but never felt completely myself in any one. Any group, occupation or title always felt like it was selling me short, or incomplete, never a perfect fit … it became one of my core philosophical questions: Why do I feel discontent, not at home, inContinue reading “Thankful for Not Belonging”

Heavenly Bells

1979. October. An innocent and divine excitement mingles with the vivid autumn colors. It was the most anticipated day of my short ten years. Pope John Paul II was here in Philadelphia, the city I was proud of as the birthplace of the greatest nation the world has ever known. Now, the greatest man, whoContinue reading “Heavenly Bells”

The GameStop Lesson

The “Reddit GameStop Surge” in late January and early February has become a cultural phenomenon. And as the energy of these events defaults to the lowest common denominator sentiment, the spectacle is eclipsing the substance. Our understanding gets muddled, and the lessons are often distorted into less than helpful, or even harmful ones in theContinue reading “The GameStop Lesson”