7.8 Billion Members … and Growing

… in Unity, Balance and Prosperity

Welcome In!

Welcome to The Citizen Body. The group we’re all members of by birth. We are all human, all have questions, all made of the same molecules, the same genetic code, the same blood … we share the same planet, food, water, energy, emotions, desire to grow, reasoning, creativity, music, dance, and laughter. We all depend on one another for our services to the the body of us. We all die, and our bodies recycle into the earth again. In every spiritual, conscious and biological aspect of life we are united … the essence of human life in us, and connecting us.

And this is the virtual gathering place for The Citizen Body – a place, for all, to connect, stay centered, dialogue and grow … together.

Nature shows us in the human body how trillions of individual cells work freely and cooperatively, retaining their own specialized identity, and work, in unity, balance and prosperity.

– The Citizen Body