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Add your talents to The Citizen Body Team … start as a volunteer, grow where you want to go …

Writer – We publish The Citizen Body Blog weekly. The articles range from essay to free flow to literary vignettes. Typical articles range around 1000 words. We also need writers for our web site, courses and scripts for our micro lessons.

Videographer – From street interviews to promo videos to shorts … TCB needs lots of video coverage. Philadelphia area works best as this is our home base.

Video Editor – Edit our raw footage into works of art with your skills. Work ranges from touch up to mini documentary creation.

Social Media Manager – manage our newsletter, social media schedule and online interaction.

Graphic Designer – help us explain concepts and lessons with your talent to communicate with graphics.

Fundraiser – help us design, implement and operate a fundraising program.

Think Tank Member – join our think tank and help the ideas flow to keep building the OptEvo philosophic system.

Advisory Board Member – we are currently seeking Advisory Board Members who can speak from the Indian, Latino, Arab, and Native American perspectives, particularly the female perspective.

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