Frequently Asked Questions

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1. Not sure I totally get it … what is The Citizen Body?

The Citizen Body is a concept, and a process, brought to life. All human beings make up a body of citizens like all cells make up a single human body. We borrow from the observations of how the body has trillions of cells all working in balance for individual success as well as the success of the whole. The body does this with minimal disharmony, and maintains a balance called homeostasis. Our small group realized that we all already belong to the citizen body, aka the human race, so there is no need for excluding anyone from the group. The citizen body concept is powered by a philosophic system called OptEvo, that culls the best from theology, philosophy, science and art.

2. Is it a think tank?

Yes and no. Yes we do consider some of TCB’s work a think tank, but not in the traditional sense. We simply upgrade a philosophic system by natural crowdsourcing and continually upgrade it as we gain new and better information, building upon the best of the work that’s already been done.

3. Is TCB a religion?

No, however, there is a deep spiritual foundation that is compatible with most religions, and an openess to adopting, editing and combining their concepts. Many concepts from Christianity, Buddhism, Hinduism, Islam, Judiasm and others have influenced or have been respectfully incorporated into the OptEvo philosophic system. We call the process of designing new principles and beliefs philosophic technology. We see the advance of human faith, philosophy, science and art as one effort to cull and combine the best ideas into a system that we can all use to operate as members of one body, rather than as members of opposing faiths, philosophies or ideologies.

4. Is TCB a philosophic system?

TCB is the concept, the process and the organization of human beings as one body, one community. The philosophic system that powers it is called OptEvo.

5. What is OptEvo?

OptEvo is the philosophic system that uses open source philosophic technology to continually upgrade the best of the great religions, philosophic works, scientific advances and works of art. The core of the OptEvo system and process is “True Center.” True Center is the bearing and balance point of homeostasis in the citizen body. The Three Processes of True Center are: The seeking of Truth, Balance and Growth, in all human activity. At True Center, there is pure truth, complete balance and optimal growth between individuals and the citizen body.

6. What is “Think Big and Act Small?”

TCB is a big concept as is the OptEvo philosophic system. The ideas are all encompassing because the totality of the universe and every human being matters. The interesting thing is that when we use the system it yields behavior similar to the human body in which cells cooperate and work together for their individual benefit as well as the whole. This big idea of human life is best kept in balance in small base level transactions that keep various forms of power in balance. The Four Acts of True Center are: Shop Small, Vote Small, News Small and Art Small. These are the active application of the OptEvo philosophy and the application of the philosophic code which manifests in the material world.

7. How is TCB funded?

Currently we are raising money through the general public (we, the people) to startup our operations. You can help here: https://www.gofundme.com/f/start-up-the-citizen-body. We have enough for a weekly newsletter but would like to grow a field operation, curriculum and courses, video features and a book. The OptEvo philosophy based on the human body observes the energy in the body being distributed in an optimal way, not completely evenly, but in proportion to the work being done for the whole body. This “en masse” concept is central to the transformation we are helping facilitate – the power of all of us doing something is immense. If we are going to change the world, we believe it has to change from the people up, as well as institutions down. It will not work relying only on large charities, the government or anyone, but us. We spend in excess of $6 trillion on taxes, political and charitable donations. We believe that if we begin re-directing some of those funds (which are producing questionable results) toward an all-inclusive unified community, rather than a large institution, it will do significantly more good with less waste.

8. Why a business instead of a non-profit?

We believe the human body, and biology shows us that competition can be used for good. The right amount and spirit of competition spawns honest innovation. Business done responsibly and in balance with the citizen body is consistent with nature and the OptEvo philosophy. Our goal is to set up as a Benefit Corporation in Pennsylvania. A Benefit Corporation is a business that documents its responsibility to its employees and the community for public viewing, as well as operates on values that serve the greatest balance. We aspire to re-define what a corporation is in a new, better balanced, more benevolent era of humankind.

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