Skeletons Dance

Photo by John Katrina

 I always thought it would be cool to see your own skeleton … x-rays are a step in that direction … but not nearly the complete experience.

But it’s not the eyeholes or jaw dropping without muscles and ligaments attached kind of thrill I’m after … it’s the truth I’m after … the truth of what lies at the core. Our skeletons are there but we never can observe them like our skin, eyes, hair or even muscles to some extent.

Sometimes I picture us all walking around as skeletons … because it’s a step closer to being spirits … nothing but a frame … less material to get in the way of our spiritual essence.

Skeletons seem to be the last visible version of us before ghost. The part I really want to see … what does my energy look like without a body at all?

But when we try to picture that, it’s much harder … the skeleton is comprehensible. And picturing adding flesh to it and then “powering it up” seems to get me closer to the spirit than starting with some invisible field of energy.

Science tells us we are stardust. Spirituality tells us we are that and more. Philosophy tells us we are capable of creating something new. And art tells us we can connect with each other in these creations …

These old bones … they’ll be tossed away like a heap of twigs one day. Anonymous calcium and phosphorus back into the earth to rejoin the cosmos and maybe become another star … and maybe another form of life. They have their purpose, but they don’t matter much in the end.

But what we create with the gift of these bones while they are useable can destroy the world or save it … can destroy people or save them.

A greedy business tycoon once admonished me and my bones – “There’s no money in helping people Johnny. Save yourself!” Well, we have a simple principle in OptĒvo – True Success is raising the tide of all boats including yours. The age of narcissistic cowardice believing the only spiritual answer to life is kill or be killed is coming to an end as obsolete philosophic technology.

I can’t wait to put these old bones to better use … and watch billions of flesh adorned skeletons dance … instead of fight … in celebration … and commemoration of the last war in human history.

Published by John Katrina

TCB Member, Father, Co-Founder of The Citizen Body, technical philosopher, and artist.

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