We Help Organizations with our Consulting Services in 3 Important Ways

Leadership Development

Our consulting is how The Citizen Body idea began. We realized that everyone can learn leadership just like everyone can learn other skills to at least a fundamental level. The philosophy that drives The Citizen Body is about growing the leadership skills of individuals. Leadership for the individual to be more capable and in control of their growth, as well as to lead others.

Philosophic Technology gives us a new definition of leadership. “Leadership – a motion from low disordered human energy to highly ordered human energy.” This kind of leadership voluntarily morphs to follow when an idea is better for the greatest good, and only uses positional power when necessary. Individuals learn how to lead without being in charge.

Leadership Development focuses on philosophy, mindset, strategy, emotional intelligence, processes, alien perspective and communication.

Business Philosophy

All collections of energy have some coding that is expressed in external presentation. Every living thing has a genotype and it is expressed in a phenotype the world sees. Philosophy is a framework of values and ideas that govern vision and mission as well as goals and execution.

As the culture becomes increasingly intolerant of oligarchical enterprises and a wealth gap, an all encompassing and sustainable philosophy, that is compatible with the information age, is essential. We can help develop yours.

The long term benefits are social approval of the enterprise, positive organizational dynamics, positive reputation and a genuinely positive social and environmental impact.


Good reasoning and principles are the pillars of compromise. Calm, impartial analysis, in a big picture environment can bring to reconciliation seemingly incompatible interests and ideas. If we liken this to physical technology, we can make many systems compatible technologically, but not necessarily in the market.

Philosophic Technology can be used to help both parties take an alien perspective, and look past the short and even mid-term. All break down in relations is the inability to problem solve to the greatest good or to not see complexity past zero sum win or loss. We can help in specific instances, as well as in a general strategy.


As a start up seeking Benefit Corporation status, we offer a below market rate of $100 or ”Donate What You Can” per hour for consulting services and will consider working for donations for certain specific cases.

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